First of its Kind

Urdu Newspaper

We Hisamul Islam Siddiqui and Saehba Hisam Siddiqui launched Jadeed Markaz, first of its kind Urdu weekly newspaper in Devangri/Hindi script on January 12, 1991.

Basic idea behind the newspaper was to bridge the growing gap between the majority and minority communities in the country. It also wanted to raise the problems of Muslims, dalits, backwards and other suppressed sections of the society. Jadeed Markaz is proud of marching successfully in achieving the goal

Engaging Oppurtunities

Jadeed Markaz Newspaper is the proud of marching successfully in achieving the goal.

Source of Urdu News

We have started separate Jadeed Markaz Newspaper in Urdu/Persian script on January 21, 1996

Wider Coverage Area

Then by the grace of almighty Allah, we have our separate editions from Mumbai and Delhi also.

  • Our Urdu paper in Devnagri script

    Contents and news items

    Contents and news items in both the Hindi and Urdu editions are always the same. We never cater one thing to our Hindi reader and other thing to our Urdu readers

    Dilip Kumar

    The greatest actor of Indian silver screen honourable Dilip Kumar when informed about our Urdu paper in Devnagri script he was very delighted and praised the idea.

  • World Famous Artists

    Painter Maqbool Fida Husain

    World famous artist and painter Maqbool Fida Husain, when came to know about our paper he was delighted and acclaimed the efforts. When he came to Lucknow for three days and it was his visit to the city of Nawab after a long gap of about 26 years, we organized many programs in his honour including the release of his biography in 2003.

    Rahi Masoom Raza

    Well known writer late Rahi Masoom Raza also admire the paper and the idea behind it. Prolific writer and popular lyricist Mr. Javed Akhtar, actor Farooque Sheikh, Suresh Oberai and many other film personalities admire and commend our newspaper. They are also among the well wishers and regular readers of the Jadeed Markaz.

  • We have Reached in the Most of the Rural Areas of UP

    High Level Urdu Editors’ Conference

    Jadeed Markaz organized a high level Urdu editors’ conference on Kashmir issue in April 1994 in Delhi. For the first time in this conference all Urdu editors of the country jointly condemned cross border terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. It is the first organization which organized a seminar in 1997 on down and up linking system in the field of telecast and broadcasting.

    Telecommunication Minister Mr. Beni Prasad Verma

    Then telecommunication Minister Mr. Beni Prasad Verma was the principal speaker and eminent journalist, the outlook editor Mr.Vinod Mehta presided over the function. Jadeed Markaz has its own printing press in the name of Roohi publication. During last seventeen years we have reached in the most of the rural areas of UP, Bihar and other states

  • Our Team and Bussiness

    Our Team of Hardworking Reporters

    Our team of hardworking reporters/ editors/ technicians/ contributors and well wishers are doing every effort to make the Jadeed Markaz more informative and thought provoking. They are trying to popularize the paper across the world. We are also thankful to our advertisers who are supporting the cause of the paper by giving advertisements.


    Jadeed Markaz is now touching a total combined circulation of more than one Lakh. It aims to reach about twenty five lakhs (2.5 million) readers every week. We expect continuous support of our readers , advertisers and well wishers in taking the newspaper to greater heights.

Hisamul Islam Siddiqui

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